1. asylum-art:

    NoPlace, Tidens Krav, and UKS in Oslo, Norway 

    Photo by Jason Havneraa

    Per Kristian Nygård, Not Red But Green, at No Place Gallery

    NoPlace is an artist run space organized by Jason Havneraas, Kristian Skylstad, Karen Nikgol, Hans Christian Skovholt, and Petter Buhagen. During Not Red But Green, Per Kristian Nygård constructed and grew an impressive, hilly landscape of grassy mounds, receding mysteriously into an interior room. By estimation, the lawn may have receded thirty feet or so, but illusion stretched this to visually harbor the scale of true hillsides, presenting the viewer with elvish wonderment about process as well as intention. Several small children in attendance had to be warded off from climbing onto the greenway, and this was no wonder, for there was an instinctual and inviting pull from the grass, making one want to depart from the conventions of art viewership. The grass sculpture was grown in entirety from seeds that had been planted two or two-and-a-half weeks earlier, and the mound formations brought to mind Icelandic lore of Huldufólk, or Hidden People, the mythical inhabitants of stones and mounds. I asked Kristian Nygård if there was a connection to this Icelandic lore of the land, and he said not in particular, and rather he’s engaging with what he described as “basic sculpture” (seeds and soil) and “just works in space. ” Simply put, he said he was “trying to make something that doesn’t make sense.” Kristian Nygård also described how undertaking these interior sculptures involve finding out particularities and the labor of becoming “your own assistant and a gardener.” A visceral connection to craft and an open sense of process took hold, eclipsing the end result of production or concept of object.

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  2. Cynicism Nana Grizol

    I once saw a sunset so vivid and warm that I swore it was perfect
    I once had a lover, I’m not sure if I’ll recover, but I know it was worth it

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    Bring back Home Movies.

  4. mmguitarbar:

    I call this one “Darth.” It’s another in my pursuit of Star Wars-themed offset designs.

    The OSG Dressing Room is a huge time waster, in the best way possible.

  5. scienceversuslife:

    Document, December 2004. Pat Vermeulen by Peter Lundstrom.

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    muji spice book

    Traveling with your spice rack is not ideal. This is why Japanese company, Muji, has made a book of spices to make flavoring your food while away from home a little bit easier.

    This book from Muji is full of pages that are made of spiced paper, which dissolve from the heat and moisture of cooking. Now that kick of white pepper or red chili is just a tear away. And, since it is compact and perfectly portable, the Muji spice book is ideal for when you’re traveling!


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    drew myself

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    Conor Oberst
    by Butch Hogan

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