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    "I began to see effects pedals as allies in my war against the guitar."

    - Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta on his unique playing style. 

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    Jesse Lacey, Brand New.

    Now we know
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    A picture a friend took of me from my performance at the opening of an art exhibit.  


  7. Is it wrong that I want to quit my job? Even though I get along with my coworkers and I know I’m really lucky to have it it has been really slow of late and all its doing is draining a whole lot of time and energy out of me. My dad said I need a vacation so I’m probably going to take the last 2 weeks of August off and I don’t want to work there during the semester but it’s uncertain if they’ll take me back after a semester off.


  8. my cover of orange julius by joyce manor because im working on raising my singing voice above a whisper

  9. Del Water Gap - Lamplight


  10. this post - filling numb needs to go away