1. goodbyetogoodmorning:

    The Saddest Landscape - Eternity Is Lost On The Dying

    We are desperate kids doing extraordinary things, and we are just like you.

    this band has the angstiest drums and the angstiest song titles

  2. Katamari Cousins! part 2/2

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  4. genghisthomisdead:

    Sunny Day Real Estate // Lipton Witch

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  5. "Start as close to the end as possible."
    — Kurt Vonnegut (via psych-facts)

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  9. jimmybazan:

    The amazing Jenn Ghetto and Alice Wilder of the Seattle band “S”. You may also know Jenn from a little band named Carissa’s Wierd. This shoot was a dream come true.


  10. thecemeteryparty:


    god, i’ve already said too much.